Which Link in Bio Service Should You Use?

Most people just use Linktree because it was one of the first to market and initially became ubiquitous with “link in bio” pages. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best one or the one that you should use. Don’t settle for just any old Link in Bio tool because there are too many to choose from, and lots of great options. We’ll introduce you to the best ones below (skip down to the bottom of the page if you just want to know our favorite 😉)

Lnk.bio is a well known alternative. Pros: better design options out of the box. Better user interface. Ability to embed YouTube videos and other media is great, and displays nicer. There’s a free version and even that tier allows Zapier integration which you can use to automate things for even more functionality.

Hypage is interesting. It prioritizes commerce and allows you to sell directly from your Link in Bio page without making visitors click through to a separate website (shopify, etc). The ecommerce part does require a paid tier – as of January 2023, that starts at $19/month.

Want super simple? Shor.by has a great countdown clock feature that we like.

If you’re looking for something that feels native to instagram (visual blocks) and want to display your links in a similar way, you might want to check out Smart.bio which allows you to do just that. There are many more advanced features that you can upgrade for, like brand management, content management, social post scheduling, etc.

Another one that prioritizes ecommerce and allows you to create pages (user experiences) that mimic a FB or Instagram shopable post, then C8ke is a good one. It allows you to feature products for sale in a way that truly feels native to your Instagram feed. There’s also an influencer ecosystem that you can sign up for. Not sure about that yet, but it seems worth keeping an eye on it. Especially if you get a lot of traffic to your Instagram page and think you can drive traffic to generate additional revenue.

Looking for a super clean webpage builder that looks great in a “Card” style format? Check out Tap.bio. Great aesthetics and sometimes simplicity is much better than having a bunch of links.

Finally – our favorite – one that is developing and releasing new advanced features at light speed. We like Koji. It prioritizes revenue focused features like Tip Jar and digital product sales, and has a huge ecosystem of apps – everything from paywalled content, to NFT communities, to AMA (you can charge a $ fee per question if you want), scheduled content drops, etc, etc.

Need help figuring out which is right for you, and the best way to get started with tools that help you monetize your social audience? Get in touch! We’re happy to talk.

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